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    • Do diligent research on building codes. You may be restricted of using wind power generation. Local utilities have lobbied (donated $$$ to politicians) to get these retrictions in place in many cities for competion control.

      I am currently looking for property outside most of these limitations north of Tulsa where the wind blows free. You may want to consider doing the same to get the most from your EarthShip build.

  1. I am a true believer in the EarthShip concepts. In fact the Biosphere vertical axis wind generator located on the EarthShip training facility is equiped with my Air-Boss 1400 axial flux permanent magnet alternator. I have visited and stayed at that site several times. My interest started with promoting my Air-Boss generator and ended up as a “want to build” owner of my very own EarthShip. In fact I recently moved to Oklahoma to do just that. I would also very much like to teach the results of my seven years of R&D experience to those interested in continuing this very efficient alternator and complete 1.4Kw wind generator design.

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